About Konsept Tarım

We make healthy and sustainable food accessible to everyone with Turkey’s largest and most comprehensive walnut processing factory with our employees over 150, our R&D center and our experience in the sector. We process the products from our walnut, almond, olive and lavender fields in our facilities and deliver the resources of our fertile country to the whole world.

“The soil is so generous that every drop of sweat paid for its labor.”

Konsept Tarım, a subsidiary of API Group company, was established in Manisa Gördes. Our company, serving in the field of lavender cultivation in addition to olive, almond and walnut production, has established Turkey’s the most comprehensive walnut processing plant entirely with domestic investment and technology.

It has accomplished Turkey’s first and only sustainable farming garden project (agroforestry) with its Konsept Hayvancılık brand. You can reach more information about Konsept Hayvancılık by visiting our website. www.konsepthayvancilik.com

We have built Turkey’s most institutionalized and organized “Agricultural Management” system by blending our institutional infrastructure and knowledge with agriculture.

We are now one of Turkey’s largest walnut producers especially in and around the Manisa region in terms of volume with our machinery and modern farming infrastructure investments which take a very important place in the management system that we have developed with our experienced agricultural engineers, well-qualified and dedicated team. Our cultivated field of walnut, almond and olive areas which we manage just in the region of Manisa, has exceeded 10,000 decares.

For the last 4 years, we have been planting Chandler walnut trees which is a walnut variety suitable for the ecological conditions of our region, in our walnut farms. Although the product variety in our Olive and Almond farms is different, we are one of the important producers of the region also in these areas. In addition to contributing to the development of our country’s agriculture with the aim of modern and scientific agriculture, contributing to the employment and economy of the region is our biggest goal. We can digitally record and control the management of all our farms thanks to the farm management software which we developed at the end of a long and meticulous work.

We implement Agroforestry which is a sustainable system and is suitable for animal welfare in natural pastures and orchards of animals, as well as where the animal’s manure supports agriculture by natural means by contributing to the nitrogen carbon balance with our 8,000 small cattle capacity shelter built on 5 million square meters of land.