Sustainable Agriculture requires being respectful to all living creatures and the environment in food production.

We support and implement sustainable agriculture with more than 150 employees in 20 different farms that we have and with our completely nature-friendly Agroforestry concept. Our animals grazing on our lands are fed with the vegetation growing on the same land and provides organic fertilizer to the soil. Thus, we support the preservation of the naturalness of the soil without using chemicals.

As Konsept Tarım, our ultimate goal is to protect the ecological balance, to be a healthy society and to leave a livable world to the next generations.

Food Safety;

We know how important the issue of “trust” is in the food sector and as Konsept Tarım, we offer our natural products that we produce in accordance with international standards in our farms and villages in various regions of our country, especially in Manisa.

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Struggle Against Climate Change
  • Production Efficiency and Continuity
  • Water Saving and Use of Clean Water
  • Compliance with Laws and International Standards
  • Energy Saving, Energy Efficiency and Utilization of Renewable Resources
  • Waste Management, Recycling, Medicated-Fertilized Waste Water Management