We use hybrid almond saplings in almond production which are durable to freezing risk and late blooming and which we generally produce in our own nurseries. We are building a large part of our walnut and almond gardens with its fertile soil and sustainable water method in Manisa province, which has become the focus of clustering in walnut and almond farming across Turkey.

The fruit samples are examined under laboratory conditions and  when the harvest time comes harvesting is done by mechanized methods. Our overall objective is to sell the walnuts and almonds that we produce by ending these processes with modern techniques in the fastest way, to the local market and other markets with different methods in the most profitable way in line with our predetermined annual sales targets. With our production, operation, processing facility and professional team, we are very pleased to offer our customers the best service and the highest quality walnuts and almonds.

Güzel Köyden Almond

At Güzel Köyden lands, we achieved an ecosystem where all living things live happily and healthily. To share our products in their most natural form, we keep and pack them in a way to protect nutrition.

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