We are a big family!

We are a family in love with the fertile lands of our country with 8 years of experience, our institutional infrastructure, engineers, farmers and energy. We combined our love for the land with modern and sustainable agriculture. We always try to go for better and we care about the nature.

“The soil is so generous that every drop of sweat paid for its labor.”

Konsept Tarım, was established in city of Manisa .Our company, serving in the field of walnut cultivation in addition to olive and almond production.

We produce healthy and sustainable walnuts and almonds in mainly Manisa and Usak regions of West Turkiye. We process the products from our walnut, almond and olive crops with the suitable techniques. We have reliable business associates to reach the best possible crop quality.

We have built Turkey’s most institutionalized and organized “Agricultural Management” system by blending our institutional infrastructure and knowledge with agriculture.