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The Factors Affecting The Quality of Almond Farming

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There are many factors that can affect the quality of almonds during cultivation. These quality factors can seem different from each other, but all these should be considered whole and managed in the best way. The first thing you should think about when deciding on the almond farmland you plan to invest in; to work with a company that manages the whole process in the most professional way! As Konsept Tarim, we aim to offer a profitable investment model to our customers and realize quality almond harvest with modern and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.

So what are the factors affecting the quality of the final product almond?

So what are the factors affecting the quality of the final product almond?


Although the almond tree is resistant to high temperatures, its productivity increases with irrigation; the inner part of almonds that are not irrigated sufficiently and correctly may not develop enough. It can cause the fruit may remain small. Therefore, it negatively affects the final quality and yield. In almond trees that are well and sufficiently irrigated, the output is doubled well. Significantly, the team should care about the tree’s water stress for a successful and productive harvest. A specialist team will successfully manage the entire irrigation plan and phase of almond.

Climate and Soil

Another essential factor for almonds is climatic conditions. It is vital for almond trees that the weather is warm enough in the summer and not frost in the spring. In particular, low summer temperatures negatively affect fruit quality. At this point, almond tree farmland should be located in a suitable region for the climate. Besides, almonds are very resistant to many soil types. It can take root up to 3-4 meters under right soil conditions, and the soil carries the primary nutrients within 1-2 meters. In matters such as pruning and tillage, the technical team should professionally perform the best agricultural practices. Konsept Tarim almond trees grow in the Manisa region under optimum climate and soil conditions.

Harvest Time and Drying

Scientific determination of the harvest time and thus harvesting at the right time is an important step. The outer shell of the ripe fruit separates and cracks. To not lose the valuable oils in the collected almonds, they are dried and stored in suitable conditions to reduce the humidity. Thus, valuable content is completely protected!

Concept Agriculture Efficient Almond Investments

Konsept Tarim’s fertile almond trees are located in Manisa. In line with our goals, we manage the process at the best stage at every stage, considering both the investment process and the harvest yield. With sustainable agricultural practices and agroforestry, we care about the plant diversity of farming lands and use an environmentalist view. We aim for the best service and the highest quality harvest with the production, operation, and technical team. You can find more detailed information here.

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