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Investment world is updated with farmlands real estate!

By June 21, 2021July 4th, 2022No Comments

In the process the investor needs a good consultant on the issue. Investment management of the soil has steps should be taken care in detail.

Konsept Tarım is a brand of secure environment. We have proven this with our formation. We invest highly both in our walnut and almond factories. They are examined regularly with serious care. The communication between our farmers and the professional team are working in harmony for having the finest product.

As the biggest walnut processing factory in Turkey, with our ambitious team consisted of our caring farmers and engineers, we are the leader in sustainable growth and make healthy food possible for everyone. Our products are exported in both the domestic and the global markets.

We are very happy with our results not just by the product itself but also by satisfying our investors. Investment management on farming can be a tricky issue if you do not work with professionals. Soil needs to be taken care according to it’s vitality for the sake of humakind. And it is a guaranteed way of investment because soil always pays you back. Our team is ready for every outcome and know the ground very well.

Continuing with the highest quality of the product packaged, we do not look for any agency to take care of our sales but we do the management with our knowledge of the sector for over 20 years of experience. The result of the products and the marketing are under our name. And we are proud.

Our principle is to renew ourselves with every chance on the road with the upcoming renovations about agriculture. With that we will be able to expand ourselves more on farmlands management. Because we are aware of the fact that food is our future.

As Konsept Tarim, we anticipate the future challenges and advantages of agriculture with our modern, sustainable, and efficient farming approach and adapt our management system to this in the best possible way. We follow the benefits of modern agriculture for the future to obtain the most efficient end product. Therefore, Turkey is raising our productive land in many agricultural products; walnuts, almonds, olives, lavenders. Also, we provide both an investment model for you. Would you like to get detailed information from our project experts?

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