Agricultural Land Management

We are here to strengthen Turkish agriculture.

We are a dedicated agriculture management company specialized for walnut and almond crops mainly. We try to apply sustainable and cost affective methods in all our management activities.

Our Products

With our modern and nature-friendly farming understanding, we offer you the distinguished products of our country from walnut to almond, olive to honey.

Product Processing

We process harvested products from walnut and almond fields with sustainable methods

Agricultural Land Management

We have broken new ground in Turkey with land selection, land preparation, supply of seedlings, planting services, and the management of agricultural operations.

2022 Walnut Harvest Festival

With the arrival of the walnut harvest time, we celebrated this year’s harvest enthusiasm in our gardens with our team. We would like to thank all our employees, all our supporters and our family who made this festival happen, and we salute the mother nature who gave us this opportunity with our sincere wishes.

We are a huge family!

We are a family in love with the fertile lands of our country with our decades of experience, our institutional infrastructure, engineers, farmers and energy. We combined our love for the land with modern and sustainable agriculture. Today, this family of 150 people continues to grow with today’s production and tomorrow’s R&D studies.

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