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Walnut is a nutritious superfood. Walnuts are also among the most productive agricultural products grown in Anatolia. Due to its many advantages, walnut is also ideal for farm investment and is considered a smart investment model by financial experts.

The walnut requires a lot of agricultural knowledge and experience until it grows saplings and crushes it into the final product. We check the whole steps in walnut cultivation and its importance in terms of investment.

Important Factors in Walnut Tree Cultivation

Climate is an essential factor in walnut cultivation. It gives the best yield at temperatures between 25-35 degrees in spring and summer. Regions with very cold or hot climates are not very suitable for walnut cultivation. For the walnut to form a quality fruit structure, the area where it is located must receive sufficient and regular rainfall. The roots of walnut trees, which can reach a height of 30-40 meters, can reach 4 meters. The soil must be porous, airy, rich in organic minerals, and can easily take root in a structure. Our Konsept Tarım walnut trees are located in the most fertile lands of Manisa. Thanks to the most suitable climatic conditions for walnuts and the lands we manage well, we obtain an efficient harvest. Our investors can thus achieve an annual return on investment of over 15%.

If you are thinking of investing in walnuts, you should prefer well-managed agricultural land. Thus, you do not need to think about technical details thanks to our technical base experienced team. We carefully monitor and manage every step of the walnut so that you can get a profitable investment.

The agroforestry method is used when growing walnut trees. An additional investment income can be obtained there and plant diversity by planting trees in the agricultural land. We aim to get the maximum yield from walnuts with environmentally friendly good agricultural practices!

During the harvest phase of a well-kept walnut, separating and drying the green shell part and separating it from the shell affects the walnut quality. Due to the high-fat content of walnuts, the storage conditions must also be appropriate. A professional team must do these stages.

Is It Profitable to Invest in Walnuts?

There are many advantages to investing in walnut tree farming. The need for clean, sustainable, and useful foods is increasing in the world. As well as walnuts grow efficiently in Turkey, harvesting quality is high.

Konsept Tarim is the biggest brand in Turkey in walnut. We provide agricultural investment management in the best way from saplings to walnuts. With our experience in the farming sector, we carry out professional work at every stage for you, our investors, to gain the highest profit. Would you like to get information now and talk to our experts?

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