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The Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture

By November 24, 2020July 4th, 2022No Comments

Sustainable agriculture is a system where we obtain high-quality food sufficient for the world population at affordable costs and by the ecosystem by protecting natural resources. What is important in a sustainable food system is that all people’s needs are met, resources such as energy and water are preserved, and local producers are supported at the same time. It is a system that gives importance to ecology. While we eat clean food, we also create a supportive relationship between farmers by protecting nature. People will give more priority to ecology, and so they waste less resources with this understanding. The practices we have listed below are ecologically essential sustainable agricultural practices that we utilize at our Konsept Tarım farmlands.

    1. Crop Diversity

    While we apply sustainable farming methods, commonly practiced is to plant different varieties of one species. Farming a land with more than one type makes the crop stronger as there is more genetic diversity. At the same time, we need less pesticides due to this variety.

    1. Fertile Land

    We provide the nutrients required for efficient crops thanks to quality soil. Processes and practices such as plowing, rolling, and aeration ensure success in obtaining fertile soil. Adding organic materials, fertilizers, wood ash, etc., increases soil fertility. Using natural materials instead of artificial ingredients is better for crops as well as for soil fertility.

  • 3. Natural Animal Farming

In addition to sustainable agriculture, sustainable animal husbandry is also significant to us. We care about animal welfare as well as the living environment of animals. The sheep and chickens we raise naturally without stress. In particular, the chicken’s natural wandering and feeding with sunlight affect egg quality. The best part of sustainable animal husbandry is that the animals do not stay indoors; the eggs are tastier and more delicious in terms of minerals and vitamins. Moreover, grazing animals on the land enriches the soil. Animal manure helps to complete the natural nutrient cycle by returning nutrients to the soil again.

You can also check our brand Entelköy, our natural range of chicken eggs.

    1. Agroforestry Practices

    Agroforestry is the growth of trees and plants in the same farmland. Agroforestry is essential for both sustainable agriculture and efficient land use. One of the agricultural forestry benefits is that trees create a favorable microclimate that maintains the proper temperature and soil moisture while protecting crops from wind or heavy rain. Vegetation stabilizes the soil and improves the soil structure. Thus, Agroforestry, one of the sustainable farming practices we use most, provides us many benefits!

    1. Technology and Teamwork

    Farm technologies are generally used for sustainable agriculture practices. For sure, these technologies should also be cost-effective. While using the modern facilities provided by technology, the machines should be practical and environmentally friendly.

    In addition to these modern technologies, we do sustainable agriculture with our expert team’s high motivation, planning, and ecological approaches. We always believe in our team’s power to work in harmony!

Sustainable agriculture can be briefly defined as eco-agriculture. The focus is not just on thinking about the economic assessment of the harvest but on the efficient use of non-renewable resources, growing better quality food crops, and improving the farmers' quality of life.

Sustainable Modern Agriculture with "Konsept Tarım"

Konsept Tarım is Turkey's largest brand in walnuts and almonds; we have a modern livestock facility in Manisa with our Konsept Animal Husbandry brand. We also have free-range chicken egg facilities, honey production, greenhouses, olive, and lavender cultivation. We aim to produce clean food with our ever-growing management systems using the latest technology with sustainable agriculture practices!

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