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Olive, of which Turkey ranks 4th in world production, contributes greatly to our agricultural economy. Olive is one of the valuable crops of our country’s land. Our customers and investors have the best quality end product with fertile soils and well-managed agricultural land. So, is it profitable to invest in olives, such a valuable agricultural product? What are the advantages? These questions come to us frequently.

Our olive growing system is very profitable and efficient for our customers.

Technical Knowledge and Experience in Olive Cultivation

An olive farm which you think investing in well-managed farmland and having a professional production process. The agriculture company that you work with should practice all the steps professionally to cultivate, such as planting, irrigation, soil analysis, and harvesting in the best way for the quality olives. For this, the first thing you need to look at in the company you invest in should be expert knowledge and experience. Konsept Tarım uses good agricultural practices in the modern facilities to supply olives increasing market demand and provide a good return on investment to our investors.

We develop turnkey planting projects for investors. Not only that; We provide technical support services at all stages of olive production such as planting, irrigation system, maintenance, harvesting. We provide every service of a well-managed farm to our investors, from the farm and sale of olives to the final product.

Increasing Demand for Crop Olives

Nowadays, the importance of olive cultivation lands and the olive sector has increased significantly. According to the annual agriculture survey, the agricultural land used for olive cultivation has been increasing steadily every year and has almost tripled since 2004. The yearly olive production worldwide is estimated to be close to 14 million. Due to this interest in olive-growing agricultural lands, the demand for quality commercial harvest increases, and the need for cultivated land and quality managed areas is widespread. So, the income from olives has also increased.

Moreover, consumers are now aware of the health benefits of olives and olive oil. During the pandemic process, our need for clean, healthy food has increased gradually, and we will pursue more and more foods that will strengthen our immunity. Therefore, precious fruits such as olives and olive lands will begin smart investment opportunities for you. As an investor, you can invest in olive fields and buy olive fields with turnkey service. You can find the investor services guide here.

Suitable Climate, Fertile Soils

Quality olives, which are grown indigenous to the Mediterranean air, have been important people and a part of the trade for thousands of years. When fertile soil with a suitable climate, we can harvest the best quality olives. Average temperatures in the region should be 15-20 degrees olive cultivation. Therefore, temperate climates are best suited for olive cultivation.

Konsept Tarım is at Gordes Manisa, Salihli, Kula, and in various regions of Turkey Akhisar. Including food, agriculture, and livestock sectors and operates with more than 150 employees. We have modern olive growing agricultural lands in Akhisar Manisa and Muğla Fethiye, the most suitable olives regions.

Considering all these advantages, we recommend investing in good agricultural land within a well-managed system. Increasing demands and needs direct us to consume nutritious foods.

Olive cultivation on more than 7500 decares of fertile land in Manisa will be a profitable investment, with Konsept Tarım’s professional background in the agricultural sector.

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