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Investing in Livestock Farms

Investments in Livestock Farming is one of the most advantageous investment models today. It is wise to invest in naturally fed livestock farms and valuable farmland because the world’s population needs agriculture and livestock farms to meet the increasing food needs. Livestock makes a vital contribution to the farmlands.

We highly recommend that you add the livestock and agriculture sector to your investment portfolio.

The Importance of Experience in Livestock Farming

Technical infrastructure and experience are required for healthy, high quality, organic livestock production. The livestock sector knowledge that the technical team has brought over the years is also important to continue the process. Konsept Tarim offers the investors the best service in livestock that requires effort and labor.

Especially sheep breeding is a type of animal husbandry based on pasture. Having enough pasture width is one of the most important points you should pay attention to when investing. We are breeding sheep fed naturally in our 3 million m² lands around Konsept Tarım modern facilities. Sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry activities are done thanks to our suitable lands and technical expertise.

Agricultural Land and Livestock Investment or Traditional Investment?

The investments you make on the farm are more advantageous than traditional investment models. Your profits gradually increase.

Besides, stagnation in the economy does not affect agriculture and livestock investments like other investment types. No matter what happens, people need clean food and, of course, eating. That’s why investing in farm animals is a smart investment. Farms with animals fed with the natural food and passed the best care and health control continue to be valued. Therefore, agriculture and livestock farm investments are always stable against economic recessions. Managed farm and livestock land are much more predictable in value and productivity than traditional real estate or stocks.

Livestock and Agriculture are Together on The Same Farm

It will be more advantageous for you to invest in land that plants cultivated in the same region while you are breeding. We are doing our Agro-Forestry activities with Merino sheep in Our Konsept Tarım farms.

Agroforestry is the growth of trees and shrubs among cropland or pastures. Therefore, Agroforestry is essential for both sustainable agriculture and efficient land use. We create our Agro investment model for sustainable and regenerative agriculture and animal welfare.

The coexistence of animals and plants on the same land around trees creates a natural habitat. Thus, while both plants and animals are in the same farmland, we provide some additional products that investors can generate instant secondary income.

The main product obtained in a sheep farm in farming is lamb. Other products are milk, manure, and breeding sheep. In dairy sheep, the main product is milk, while the others are by-products.

Strategic Livestock Investment with Konsept Tarım

In Manisa Gördes, we have a modern facility with the Agroforestry concept under the brand of Konsept Hayvancılık with a capacity of 8,000 sheep. We have Merino sheep fed naturally with the philosophy of growing healthy and well-living livestock on our land around our modern facilities. The sheep feed on the grass between the trees and give natural fertilizer to the soil; this is very important for our sustainable farming methods.

Our team of experienced professional technicians and ecosystem engineers provides the best care and health checks for animals on farms as part of our biosecurity concept. We aim to provide quality and healthy products to our customers and investors. At the same time, we use first-class technologies and scientific methods to create healthy living spaces for animals and our land’s fertility.

Now is the time to invest in well-managed livestock farms and farmland! Contact us now to discuss in detail with our investment experts.

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