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Agriculture is a whole system, each step of which must be considered in detail. A good ecosystem can provide advantages to farmland in every respect by various sustainable agricultural practices. Agroforestry is one of these practices.

Agricultural forestry is the use of trees in farmland and the creation of an ecosystem in these areas. It is based on harmonizing and combining the nutritional needs of humans with the requirements of nature. In this ecosystem, agricultural products, livestock, trees, plants are all found on the same agricultural land. These trees and shrubs are an integral component of productive agriculture. It is promising for land and crops in large farms in the face of climate change.

What are the Benefits of Agroforestry to Agricultural Land?

  • Agroforestry increases biodiversity and soil quality. It allows the soil to capture carbon and thus contributes to the recovery of the soil. It controls soil erosion and thus prevents losses in nutrients. Increases soil fertility by increasing organic matter. 
  • Trees used in agricultural forestry shade the planted agricultural products, block the wind and support agricultural products’ growth. 
  • The animals in the farmland graze under the trees, provide shade and shelter for animals, and provide them with feed. Animals enrich the soil.
  • Agricultural forest trees provide additional income to the farm by giving fruit and vegetables. It also contributes economically with its use, such as food, feed, timber, construction materials. Thus, it helps to reduce efforts such as production and time on the farm. 
  • Trees are like home for different animal species. It contributes to the diversity of species in the ecosystem. 
  • Agricultural forestry activities and planted trees on agricultural farms offer many benefits to the environment, wildlife, and nature without any extra cost. 

Konsept Tarım Agricultural Forest Practices

Konsept Tarim is Turkey’s largest breeding farm brand of walnuts and almonds. Konsept Hayvancilik is our modern livestock facility brand in Manisa. We are also engaged in growing chicken eggs, honey production, greenhouses, olive, and lavender in our farms. We produce sustainable food resources with our ever-growing management systems and the latest modern agricultural technologies. While doing this, we create a microclimate in our farms by getting support from agricultural forestry practices, and we provide all the benefits mentioned above. This process requires expertise and experience in the agricultural sector!

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