Konsept Hayvancılık

Konsept Hayvancılık is a brand that we have created under our Konsept Tarım brand as a result of the research and studies that we have carried out for many years. In our main facility with a capacity of 2500 animals and in our other production areas, established in Manisa Gördes Yeşilyurt, we carry out new generation animal husbandry, and we perform smart agriculture and animal husbandry professionally with our industrial system integrated with pasture, field and orchard.

Güzel Köyden

We are trying to produce the most beautiful and natural lavender and olive oil for you with our lavender gardens and natural olive gardens around our Almond and Walnut Gardens. We are proud and honored to create an ecosystem that integrates soil, water and trees with bees, animals and contributes to our nature, our villagers and our economy.

Entelköy Egg

In our farm, located in Gördes district of Manisa, our free-range chickens are fed naturally by taking advantage of daylight and produce in a natural laying environment